Course level: Master

Since 2012
Sciences Po Bordeaux

This 18 hour course explores the politics of European security since 1945. It pursues two main objectives. First, the course aims at providing a comprehensive view on how the European States have problematized the questions of defense and security since the end of the Second World War. Second, the course wishes to complete the students’ training on some international organizations they might want to work at after their graduation, in particular the NATO and the institutions which surround the Common Security and Defense Policy of the European Union. To do so, the course is divided into three parts. The first part explores the de-nationalization of the security issue in Europe after the Second World War from the failure of the European Defense Policy to West-Germany’s accession to NATO (1945-1955). The second part of the course investigates Europe’s security system during the Cold War (1955-1989). The third and last part of the course presents the politics of European security since 1990.

Course syllabus in English (220.05 KB)