By Mathias Delori (co-edited with Mechthild Gilzmer, Catherine Teissier, and Joachim Umlauf)

This issue of Lendemains magazine, co-edited by Mathias Delori, Mechthild Gilzmer, Catherine Teissier and Joachim Umlauf, is the result of an international conference held at the Marc Bloch Center in Berlin on October 8, 2021, to mark the sixtieth anniversary of the construction of the Berlin Wall. Discussions focused on “Franco-German relations after 1990”, in other words on the legacy of the Cold War on relations between France and Germany. The eight articles explore questions such as: What happened to the former France-GDR networks? Did they play a mediating role in the sometimes tense relations between “West” and “East” Germans? What cultural cooperation initiatives were launched in the new Länder after reunification? The thematic dossier also pays tribute to an agent in Franco-German-German dialogue who passed away in 2020: the Germanist scholar Michel Cullin.

Lendemains. Études comparées sur la France, 47-186, pp 6-74, 2023