By Mathias Delori
Politiques publiques et relations internationales Revue française de science politique 2006/3 (Vol. 56)

The article aims at assessing the added value of policy analysis to the understanding of a case-study: the genesis of the Franco German cooperation in the early 1960’s. A review of the literature reveals a strong focus on how de Gaulle and Adenauer conceived the strategic issues of the time, i.e. national power and security. Policy analysis provides two additional distinct perspectives. One can first follow G. Allison’s conceptual lens and point out that domestic actors interacted at the sub-system (governmental) level in order to influence the policy. Modern policy analysis can go a step further in the discussion of the rational actor model. The analysis of the policy formulation and implementation leads to bringing two factors back in the analysis: ideas and institutions.

Revue Française de Science Politique 56 (3), 2006


Online available:

La genèse de la coopération franco-allemande au début des années 1960 (98.26 KB)