By Thibaud Boncourt, Marielle Debos, Mathias Delori, Benoît Pelopidas and Christophe Wasinski
Revue d'histoire 145

This article raises major questions that are rarely raised as such in history and social science journals: what are the effects of funding on research, especially when it comes from the armed forces and armaments industries? Is independence possible in these fields and on these subjects? What, if any, is the dividing line between expertise and the social sciences? This is a serious topic, and the authors of this text propose to tackle it using a specific empirical approach: the study of “strategic” bombing and nuclear research.

20 & 21. Revue d'histoire, 1/145, 2020, 2020


Online available:

Que faire des interventions militaires dans le champ académique ? Réflexions sur la nécessaire distinction entre expertise et savoir scientifique (428.16 KB)